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Q: How do I get my Jamaican-made products into your store?

A: Fontana Artisans is a department based at our Waterloo store where we sell products that have been made or designed locally. To submit your products for review, you may email artisans@fontanapharmacy.com. In the email, be sure to include your product and business information, photos of the products, where your products are currently being sold as well wholesale and suggested retail pricing. Our team will review your submission and reach out to you directly regarding next steps.


Q: If accepted, will my products be in the Waterloo store only?

A: In the beginning we trial our new Artisans in our Waterloo location for a period of approximately three months (though it is reviewed on a case by case basis). After three months, one of the following decisions will be made:

- The artisan graduates to have their products in more locations

- Discontinue the artisan

- Extend the trial period in the Waterloo store

Q: Is there a fee to stock my items in Fontana?

A: Fontana must make a margin on any product it sells and we must be able to sell Artisan products to our customers for the same price that they could purchase it for at any other outlet. This means that the Artisan must sell the product to Fontana at a wholesale price, which allows us to apply a markup while still maintaining the same selling price that the vendor would sell directly to the customer for. This is the only cost to the vendor to stock their products in Fontana.



Q: What can be engraved?

A: A wide range of items of varying materials can be engraved including leather or faux leather, wood, metals, plastic, paper, glass or cork. Some examples of items are tumblers, wine glasses, planners / diaries / journals, picture frames, cutting boards, knife handles, makeup brush handles, key chains, dog tags. You may consult with the business centre associate on whether an item can be engraved.

We encourage you to review the following document at this link for additional guidelines related to the do’s and don’ts of engraving.

Q: Can I have an item engraved at any Fontana store?

A: Yes, we accept engraving orders at all Fontana locations. You may visit the business centre inside any Fontana store for more information.

Q: How long does it take to have an item engraved?

A: If the order is placed at our Waterloo or Barbican location, it can take a minimum of 24 hours and a maximum of 48 hours to be completed.

For orders that are placed through any location outside of Kingston, it could take up to 12 business days to complete and be delivered back to the location that the order was placed. In many cases, it will be earlier than 12 business days. The customer will be contacted when the order is complete.

Q: Can I take an item from home to be engraved?

A: For non-bulk orders (orders less than 10 items), we do not allow external items to be engraved. The reason for this if an error is made, we are unable to replace the item from our inventory.

For bulk orders, we do accept external items to be engraved. However, one of those items will be used as a “test item” to ensure the engraving is perfected before the remainder of the items are completed.

Q: Is there a discount on bulk orders?

A: Yes, there is a discount on engraving more than 10 items in a single order. See table below for complete engraving pricing:



Q: What is meant by “customer provided design” versus “Fontana created design”

A: “Customer provided design” means that the customer send fontana a file that contains the exact design they would like engraved on the item with no changes to be made

“Fontana created design” means that the customer has provided the specifications on the engraving order form of what they would like engraved on the item which includes font, width, direction, orientation, exact wording or instructed use of symbol.

Q: Where do I send my design for engraving?

A: Designs should be emailed to engraving@fontanapharmacy.com and must be IMAGES sent in one of the following formats: .eps, .ai, .jpeg, .png,. or .pdf. Designs should have a resolution of no less than 200 DPI.

Q: Can I send a design that I would like to be engraved and have a word or a name added to the design?

A: Yes, you can email the design and fill in the specifications for the word or name on the engraving order form when you place the order. The order will be charged as a “Fontana created design” since modifications are being made to the design.

Q: Does Fontana have a graphic design service for advanced design creation?

A: No, we do not offer graphic design services. We can create simple designs using basic symbols and words from the font list that is provided.

Q: Can a photograph be engraved onto an item?

A: Yes, once the photo is sent in black and white and a high resolution with no background, it can be engraved onto an item.