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About Us

The first Fontana Pharmacy was opened in November 30, 1968 at the Manchester Shopping Centre in Mandeville by Bobby and Angela Chang. We now have additional branches at West Kings House Road & Barbican in Kingston, Fairview Shopping Centre in Montego Bay, Eight Rivers Town Centre in Ocho Rios and Beckford Plaza in Sav-La-Mar
. We are now Jamaica’s Leading Pharmacy Chain. 


Fontana's mission statement is to offer the widest variety of goods at low prices in a pleasant atmosphere with easy parking and above all warm, friendly and efficient service. Our main business is satisfying customers, and our strongest competitive advantage is our managers and employees. All our managers have been with Fontana for over 20 years.

Fontana Pharmacy employs over 350 persons in total.
Our executive structure consists of Kevin O'Brien Chang- Chairman, Anne Chang, Ray Therrien - Directors.



Kingston, Waterloo: Jodi-Ann Johnson                                                    

 Kingston, Barbican: Ms. Pat Forbes & Mrs. Ruthlyn May-Sherwood

Mo-Bay: Miss Leonie Harvey
Mandeville: Mrs. Fay Stewart-Plunkett, Mrs. Nicole Watson-Chang
Sav-la-mar: Raemonia Clarke 
Ocho Rios: Miss. Janice Kerr

Our Story

Over fifty years ago, after their business burnt to the ground, Bobby and Angela Chang opened a shop that is today Jamaica’s Leading Pharmacy Chain.

The event was nothing short of a blessing in disguise as the impact of their business transcends the boundaries of Jamaica into international territory.

Bobby Chang had a shop in Christiana and the owners at the time refused to renew his lease. He was told that a shopping centre in Mandeville had available shops, so he decided to apply for four. Both Chang and the owner of the shopping centre came to an agreement and that is how it all began. 

The businessman, born to a Chinese man and Jamaican woman learned the art of entrepreneurship at a very young age and even though one of his first shops was burnt out, his resilience, along with that of his wife, never wavered. 

Chang got inspiration for the name of his business through a fountain that was located nearby and his sixth child, Anne, who was born during that time. He used part of the word 'fountain' and played on his daughter's name to get 'Fontana'. His daughter is now the proud owner of the establishment.

Son of Chang and director of Fontana, Kevin O'Brien Chang, said it is important for the high standards of Fontana to be maintained. The pharmacy started as Fontana Fashions & Fontana Pharmacy. After a year, the pharmacy started superseding the fashion. Fontana was built on four core principles: Service (the customer comes first); Respect (treating everyone with dignity); Family (valuing loved ones); and Community (giving back).”